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Poetry Night Set to Illuminate Charleston

Poetry night outdoors lanterns.

Poetry Night Set to Illuminate Charleston

Charleston is bracing itself for a transformative evening as “Pentimento: An In-Store Poetry Reading” takes place on May 13. The event is a beacon of poetry and arts culture in the city, promising an engaging night of thought-provoking spoken word performances.

A Peek into Pentimento

Pentimento, a term rooted in the Italian word ‘pentirsi’, which means to repent or rethink, refers to changes an artist makes, observed as a trace in the final work. The poetry reading set to occur at the event essentially symbolizes the artistic process of rethinking and reworking thoughts into words, and finally into meaningful poetry.

Event Details

Set to take place on May 13, the event opens its doors to poetry enthusiasts from Charleston and beyond. The reading will present a stunning amalgamation of seasoned poets and burgeoning talents in the local scene. Attendees can engage with the performances and immerse themselves in the captivating world of poetry at this eagerly-awaited event.

Performances and Participation

With an open call for submissions, the event provides a stage for poets to showcase their creativity. It’s an opportunity to witness a kaleidoscope of perspectives touching on societal concerns, romantic ballads, philosophical discourses, and more.

Rich in Tradition, Rich in Talent

Charleston, a city with a wealth of history and a thriving arts scene, seems the perfect host for such an occasion. The city’s tradition of celebrating the arts echoes in its galleries, theaters, and events like “Pentimento”. This poetry night is yet another stepping stone in fortifying the city’s reputation as a nurturing environment for art and culture.

Sparking Conversations

Beyond the performances, the event will foster insightful discussions. The essence of poetry lies not only in its creation but also in its interpretation. Attendees will have the chance to partake in stimulating conversation, exchanging views and thoughts brought on by the read pieces.

Community and Connection

“Pentimento: An In-Store Poetry Reading” is more than an event. It’s a symbol of unity, bringing together individuals across different walks of life under one shared passion – poetry. It exemplifies the ethos of the city of Charleston – community engagement bolstered by diversity and creativity.


The upcoming “Pentimento: An In-Store Poetry Reading” in Charleston on May 13 is more than just an event – it’s a testimony to the city’s vibrant and thriving arts scene. The night will unravel a beautiful blend of voices, delivering poignant verses that touch the soul, spark conversations and foster a strong sense of community.

As anticipation builds, the city looks forward to yet another evening of celebrating the written and spoken words, underlining the enduring power of poetry in bringing people together.

Poetry Night Set to Illuminate Charleston

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