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New Plans Announced for a 100-Acre Park in Mount Pleasant

"Architects discussing park plans"

New Plans Announced for a 100-Acre Park in Mount Pleasant

A grand development aimed at enhancing community connections and the quality of life is coming to Mount Pleasant. An official announcement detailed plans for a new, sprawling 100-acre park named the Rifle Range Road Park. A joint venture between Liollio Architecture and SeamonWhiteside is set to bring this vision to life with the support of a team of local engineers.

Architectural and Engineering Teams Selected

Liollio Architecture and SeamonWhiteside, prominent names in architectural and structural design, have been chosen to execute this major project. The partners will deliver their expertise in planning, architectural design, and engineering services to construct the new park. The two firms are slated to work in tandem with Mount Pleasant leadership, taking the project from the initial master planning and site programming stages through to the final stages of construction and completion.

Liollio Architecture will be at the helm of the whole project management and architectural design for an upcoming recreation and community center. Meanwhile, SeamonWhiteside will lend its expertise in landscape architecture, and civil engineering services, as well as assist in master planning.

A Balance of Passive and Active Spaces

The intended design of the Rifle Range Road Park is conceived to balance both passive and active spaces. The park’s location, connected to Mount Pleasant Way just to the north of Six Mile Road, is strategic. It will bring much-needed recreational amenities to the Town of Mount Pleasant and the surrounding neighborhoods.

Varied Amenities and A Community Center

The park will feature a diverse range of facilities including soccer fields, tennis courts, pickleball courts, beach volleyball courts, and outdoor basketball courts. These sporting facilities will be supplemented by a performance stage, a grand lawn, picnic pavilions, a dog park, and walking trails. A central community building is the heart of these plans, envisioned to link all these diverse elements of the park.

The community building is not just intended as a hub for coordination. It will also offer a two-court basketball gymnasium, a walking track, and studios for community music, art, dance, and camp activities.

Natural Surroundings and Proximity to Residential Areas

Besides the planned amenities, the park’s location itself is a boon. The park will be adjacent to wetlands and natural areas, offering a refreshing escape for park visitors. Furthermore, it will be within walking distance of various residential communities enhancing accessibility and promoting healthy living and community camaraderie.

Liollio Architecture and SeamonWhiteside have a history of successful collaborations, including the Ashley River Park project. This partnership, combined with the strategic location and extensive list of amenities, shows promise for the Rifle Range Road Park to emerge as a landmark for community engagement and recreation in the Mount Pleasant area.

New Plans Announced for a 100-Acre Park in Mount Pleasant

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