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Family Alleges MUSC Negligence Left Teen in Vegetative State

Family hospital confrontation lawsuit

Family Alleges MUSC Negligence Left Teen in Vegetative State

In an intense revelation, a South Carolina family has declared that the negligence of doctors at the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) left their son in a vegetative state nearly ten years ago. Raishaun Fyall was a 17-year-old boy when he first complained about abdominal pain and was taken to the MUSC Emergency Room on January 3, 2015.

An ultrasound was performed, showing signs of “r/o appendicitis,” a term meaning “rule out,” along with free fluid and unclear visualization of the appendix. However, despite these alarming results, Raishaun was sent home with a diagnosis of constipation and provided over-the-counter treatment. The boy’s mother, Sabrina Green, expressed her disappointment, stating that a thorough investigation was not undertaken despite the severity of her son’s symptoms.

A Turn for The Worse

The following day, Raishaun was found unresponsive, with no heart rate and no detected blood pressure. Rushed again to MUSC, a CT scan revealed an accumulation of fluid in Raishaun’s abdomen. A bedside surgery revealed a perforated duodenal ulcer, a critical condition that had gone undiagnosed during his initial visit.

Raishaun suffered hypoxic-ischemic injury, leading to his current vegetative state. He is now wheelchair-bound, depends on others for care, and remained hospitalized from January 4, 2015, to May 18, 2015.

Lives Forever Changed

The repercussions of this incident significantly altered Raishaun and his family’s lifestyle. The family claims that if the MUSC doctors had properly diagnosed Raishaun during his initial visit, their lives would have taken a different course. Raishaun had plans for the future; he was preparing to study in London before attending university in Florida. Instead, Raishaun’s parents are struggling with full-time care duties while contending with the emotional toll of the situation.

Settlement and Unresolved Issues

In 2021, the family’s lawsuit received a settlement of $500,000 from the state’s Insurance Reserve Fund. But after legal costs, the family received only half of that amount, which was not available to them until recently.

Raishaun’s father, Rickey Fyall, expressed frustration claiming that the delay in funding hindered the boy’s progress as they could have sought additional help sooner. Despite this, the family remains grateful for Raishaun’s continued existence, cherishing his smile and acknowledging his continued level of understanding, despite his condition.

Legal Repercussions

The lawsuit filed by the family alleges that the MUSC staff failed to adequately monitor and evaluate Raishaun’s condition. The suit accuses them of negligence in their failure to correctly diagnose, treat his condition, fully evaluate his symptoms, and admit Raishaun into the hospital.

Rickey expressed the strain of being a constant caregiver, giving respect to others in a similar situation. He mentioned, “We don’t wish this on anybody, it’s hard. It’s a tough job.” The family’s struggle continues as they seek accountability for the events that drastically changed their son’s life.

Family Alleges MUSC Negligence Left Teen in Vegetative State

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