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The Mills House, a Historical Treasure in Charleston, SC, Joins Historic Hotels of America

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The Mills House, a Historical Treasure in Charleston, SC, Joins Historic Hotels of America

Charleston, SC’s celebrated Mills House has proudly received a prestigious induction into Historic Hotels of America, illustrating the city’s rich historical tapestry. The prestigious recognition appointed to this beloved Southern hotel pitches it among a selective group of approximately 300 distinguished hotels and resorts nationwide.

About The Mills House

Manifesting the glorious mingling of heritage, architectural marvels, and embodied tales of historic significances, The Mills House continues to dominate the corner of Meeting and Queen Streets. This iconic landmark, renowned for its pastel-pink façade, has remained an impressive mark of Charleston’s history since its establishment 170 years ago, in the late 1800s. The Mills House celebrated this remarkable milestone in August of last year.

Acknowledgment from Historic Hotels of America

By being accepted into Historic Hotels of America, The Mills House has proven its dedication to maintaining the historicized integrity, architecture, and ambiance integral to its identity. Historic Hotels of America, which works to recognize, celebrate, and promote nation-wide historical hotels, has laid down a trio of qualifications that all hotels must meet.

All hotels and resorts must be at least 50 years old and should be listed or eligible to be listed in the National Register of Historic Places. Further, these establishments should be designated by the US Secretary of the Interior as a National Historic Landmark or recognized for their historic significance.

Preserving History in Charleston, SC

The induction of The Mills House into Historic Hotels of America is a badge of honor and a testament to Charleston’s commitment to preserving and promoting the rich history that envelops the city. It also signifies the continuous efforts employed by the hotel to upkeep its architectural wonder, historical relevancy and enhances the tourists’ desire to experience the past in the comfort of the present.

The Mills House continues to offer its visitors a unique look back into Charleston’s past, interwoven with modern comforts and world-class service. Embodying neo-baroque architectural style, the hotel remains an emblem of the Southern Romantic architecture era and continues its legacy though careful and consistent preservation of its historical structure.

Final Thoughts

Charleston’s Mills House represents a tangible piece of the city’s past, a strong reminder of the historicity that makes Charleston unique. As this charming hotel takes its rightful place in the roster of Historic Hotels of America, it is anticipated that it will encourage even more visitors to the city and inspire greater awareness and appreciation of America’s unique architectural history.

The Mills House, a Historical Treasure in Charleston, SC, Joins Historic Hotels of America

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