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Lowcountry Animal Shelters Announce Reduced-Fee Adoption Drive

Adopting pets with love.

Lowcountry Animal Shelters Announce Reduced-Fee Adoption Drive

Three animal shelters participating in a national event

The Berkeley Animal Center, Charleston Animal Society, and Dorchester Paws animal shelters, all based in the Lowcountry region of South Carolina, have announced their participation in a nationwide campaign coined the “Summer National Empty the Shelters” starting July 8. Aimed at reducing overcrowding in shelters and rehoming homeless pets, the event is sponsored by the Bissell Pet Foundation and will run till July 31.

Reduced Fee Adoptions

During this event, pet lovers will have an opportunity to adopt pets at a significantly reduced fee of $50 or less. All pets involved in the event are microchipped, vaccinated, and fixed – providing not just homes for these pets in need, but also a step forward in responsible pet ownership.

Biggest Funded Adoption Event

The “Summer National Empty the Shelters” event is recognized as the largest funded adoption event in America. To date, it has facilitated the successful adoption of over 253,000 pets. The foundation reports an average of 1,225 pets finding their forever homes each day during the event.

A Crisis in Shelters

Cathy Bissell, the founder of the Bissell Pet Foundation, expressed the challenges facing animal shelters across America. She noted that some are having to evacuate pets due to natural disasters such as wildfires and tornadoes, while others have to face the heartbreaking choice of euthanizing adoptable pets to create room in overcrowded facilities. Asserting the importance of the adoption event, Bissell stated, “Every single adoption saves a life and creates space to save another. Please adopt and give a pet a chance it might otherwise not have.”

Where to Find Participating Shelters

Persons interested in adopting a pet, or those who require more information about the event, can find details about their nearest participating shelter on the Bissell Pet Foundation’s website.

Response from the Community

Previous iterations of the event have garnered a great response from the local community, with residents applauding the initiative and expressing their delight at being able to add a new member to their families. This year, the the Berkeley Animal Center, Charleston Animal Society, and Dorchester Paws are keen to continue this momentum and usher in another successful adoption event – granting a second chance to as many pets as possible.

The participants and organisers are inviting the community to support this humanitarian drive, not only by considering adoption but also by helping spread the word about the event. Be it friends, family or online followers, every share brings hope for a homeless pet to find a loving home, making every resident a potential lifesaver to these lowcountry animals.

Lowcountry Animal Shelters Announce Reduced-Fee Adoption Drive

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