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High Water Festival Anticipates Elevated Attendance; Parking May Be an Issue

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High Water Festival Anticipates Elevated Attendance; Parking May Be an Issue

Located in the vibrant city of North Charleston, South Carolina, the much-anticipated High Water Music Festival is expected to attract thousands more than previous editions as the excitement for the festivities, scheduled for April 20th and 21st, amplifies. Primed to set up at the scenic Riverfront Park positioned along the Cooper River, this year’s edition is slated to be grander than ever, but local officials have expressed concerns about parking logistics due to rapid development projects in the vicinity.

Sold-Out Event with Limited Parking

According to official estimates, a staggering 15,000 tickets for the two-day festival have already been sold, marking a significant increase compared to past editions. However, amidst ongoing construction in the area, parking spaces will be restricted with only about 7,500 spaces available, only half of the estimated attendees.

“Every day we are losing parking with all the development that is happening out here,” explains Amy Heath, North Charleston’s Director of Tourism.

Transportation Alternatives

To counter the parking predicament and ensure smoother transport for attendees, Heath revealed that the event will feature two Ride-Share lots for efficient pickup and drop-offs.

“One is going to be down at the Water Mission side on the north side of the bridge. It will be very much labeled so people can get in and out. And then also on the north side, where McMillan was at Hobson Avenue and Bainbridge Avenue,” added Heath.

Heath’s primary recommendation for festival-goers is to utilize ride-sharing options or carpool, arrive early, and prepare to stay late while emphasizing the need for patience.

Access to the Venue

Entrance to the Riverfront Park is restricted to a single route for attendees due to the Pedestrian Bridge being designated for artists’ use. Visitors will have to use the route by the Momo restaurant for access.

Economic Impact of the Festival

The High Water Music Festival contributes significantly to the local economy. Reports suggest that last year’s edition contributed an impressive $45.4 million to the Charleston area economy, a figure which is expected to rise with anticipation of a larger crowd this year.

The festival is also linked to the sustenance or hiring of over 360 full-time job equivalents, with more than $14.9 million in labor incomes paid to Charleston area employees as a result of last year’s High Water Music Festival. These numbers reflect both the festival’s operations and the expenditure by its attendees.

With 2,000 more attendees anticipated this year, Heath expects a noticeable financial uptick for the area, further emphasizing the festival’s socio-economic importance.

More Information

For additional details on this year’s High Water Festival, readers are advised to check out HERE News Network’s exclusive coverage.

High Water Festival Anticipates Elevated Attendance; Parking May Be an Issue

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