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Heavy Rainfall Causes Flooding in Downtown Charleston, Affects Roads

Flooded streets at night.

Heavy Rainfall Causes Flooding in Downtown Charleston, Affects Roads

On a Sunday afternoon, the city of Charleston, previously famed for its charm and tranquility, transformed into what could liken to a labyrinth of lakes as heavy downpour pounded the Lowcountry area, leading to extensive flooding.

Roadways throughout the Tri-County area were severely impacted by the deluge, with several roads reported closed until late Sunday afternoon. Notably, the intersection of Gadsden Street and Wentworth Street in downtown Charleston was notably closed down due to flooding coupled with high tide. The ordeal of closures, however, came to an end as they reportedly reopened later.

Storm Progress and High Tides Affecting Drainage

The line of storms began its slow, relentless march across the Lowcountry region around 3 p.m., causing considerable disruptions. The situation was further aggravated by high tide, which occurred around 6:19 p.m. in the Charleston Harbor. This coinciding incident delayed drainage across the Peninsula, prolonging the flooding.

The quandary was especially significant along Highway 17 in West Ashley and Saint Andrews Boulevard at Highway 17, where the heaviest rains partially closed off the roads. These areas were being closely monitored by first responders as residents battled to navigate the unexpected conditions.

Weather Advisories in Place

The surprise deluge prompted the National Weather Service to issue flood advisories for parts of Charleston and Colleton Counties. However, the advisories expired around 7 p.m., giving residents hope of respite from the adverse conditions.

While not uncommon, such heavy downpours leading to extensive flooding underline the importance of preparation and responsible responses during such events. The collaboration between emergency services and local authorities played a critical role in road closures that prevented further inconveniences and possible accidents.

Recovery and Next Steps

The city has since embarked on a recovery path, with the transportation department clearing the roads to facilitate resumption of normal traffic. It is crucial to remember that motorists and pedestrians should always exercise caution in such events, avoiding flooded roads and adhering to directions from local authorities.

The City of Charleston administration has issued clear advisories to the public, elaborating on the extent of road damage and closures. All updates and advisories regarding the situation are being shared with the public promptly to ensure safety and quick recovery.

Downtown Charleston’s Sunday occurrence is a stark reminder of nature’s unpredictability. Nonetheless, the city’s seamless response and quick recovery are testament to its resilience, preparedness, and cooperation among authorities and residents alike.


As Charleston returns to normalcy, residents count their blessings and heave a sigh of relief. The heavy rainfall and resulting flooding were a significant inconvenience for many, but the city’s careful planning and response helped mitigate the worst of the impacts. As residents navigate the aftermath, the shared experience serves as a reminder of the importance of preparedness and community solidarity in times of crisis.

Heavy Rainfall Causes Flooding in Downtown Charleston, Affects Roads

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