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College of Charleston Gets County’s Endorsement for Student Housing Expansion

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College of Charleston Get County’s Endorsement for Student Housing Expansion

In Charleston, South Carolina, new developments are underway in college student housing, with local county leaders lending their support to the College of Charleston for prospective property procurement.

Request for Local Support

The College is eyeing two sites located at 99 St. Philip Street and 106 Coming Street respectively, in its endeavors to provide students with more on-campus housing options. The approval from Charleston County and the city of Charleston is obligatory since the properties’ acquisition means the College won’t be liable to pay taxes. The St. Philip Street and Coming Street properties accounted for a combined total tax payment of over half a million dollars in 2023 as reported.

Backing from the County

At a Special Finance Committee meeting convened on Tuesday, Charleston County confirmed its support for the College in their ambitions. Officials agreed to issue an endorsement letter necessary for the acquisition of these properties.

Envisaging On-Campus Expansion

The 99 St. Philip Street location currently contains a private apartment complex with the ability to accommodate 131 students. Contemplating purchasing this property, college authorities are integrating it into their student housing solutions. An adjoining parking lot in proximity furthers the possibility of expanding the residence hall to about 200 beds, subject to property acquisition, per the 2023 Framework Plan.

Additional Student Housing Prospects

106 Coming Street, an erstwhile YWCA site, is the second property shortlisted by the College. Strategically located adjacent to the St. Philip Street complex, it could similarly provide valuable expansion to student accommodation. Moreover, the Framework Plan discusses the potential of this location to enhance parking facilities near the St. Philip Street garage.

Proceeding Plans Await Charleston City’s Approval

Despite obtaining Charleston County’s support, the authoritative personnel in the city of Charleston have not yet received any requests from the College concerning these developments. Prospects of progressive expansion in student housing rely heavily on the city’s approval. Official communication from the College is awaited to kickstart the actual execution of these proposals.

Implications for the College and the Community

The successful accomplishment of these property acquisitions could mark a significant milestone in College of Charleston’s infrastructure. Spacious on-campus accommodations streamline students’ residential experiences, contributing positively to their overall academic journey. Furthermore, the expansion could potentially stimulate local economy through increased spending and potential job opportunities.

College of Charleston Gets County’s Endorsement for Student Housing Expansion

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