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Investigation Clears Charleston Co. School Superintendent

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Investigation clears Charleston Co. School superintendent of wrongdoing

Investigation clears Charleston Co. School superintendent of wrongdoing

Results from an investigation announced Monday night have cleared the Charleston County School District’s superintendent and other district employees of wrongdoing after a letter raised concerns.

Allegations and Investigation

The investigation stems from a letter the Board of Trustees received on June 10 from the District’s executive director of federal programs, John Cobb, making accusations of a hostile work environment. Cobb’s letter accused Superintendent Anita Huggins of retaliation, forcing an employee to forge a signature, and continued acts of intimidation. It also accused Chief Human Resources Officer Bill Briggman of creating a hostile working environment and former Superintendent Don Kennedy of fast-tracking funding.

Results of the Investigation

Despite Cobb’s claims, Monday’s meeting cleared all the district employees listed in the letter. Chairman Keith Grybowski announced the results of the investigation at a special called meeting.

Grybowski read a statement saying in part, “external attorneys conducted an impartial and detailed investigation finding no basis for the claims made against the superintendent or other members of the school district administration.”

“We understand the seriousness of the allegation and have taken comprehensive steps to ensure a thorough investigation. This investigation has been conducted with the highest level of integrity and transparency,” Grybowski said. “We are committed to keeping the community informed and we’ll provide updates as appropriate. Our focus remains on ensuring the best possible outcomes for students and retaining the integrity of our district.”

Challenges and Future Steps

Since the topic was discussed during executive session by the board, it is unknown what type of conversations surrounded the decision. At this time, Grybowski says they will not be releasing the full investigation report because “releasing the full report at this stage would compromise the ongoing handling of this matter and have significant legal ramifications.”

It’s also important to note a large portion of Cobb’s allegations surrounded Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Funding, which included a large part of his job revolving around approving expenses for programs that use federal funds. The district already lauded an independent investigation by an outside firm into issues with processing ESSER funds. The full results of the investigation have not yet been released, but officials say fixing the problems will cost the district more than $3 million.


After the reading of the statement, board members Courtney Waters and Darlene Roberson attempted to make a comment for the record. But Grybowski said no comments could be made since there was no motion on the table.

As of now, the investigation has cleared Superintendent Anita Huggins and other district employees of any wrongdoing, following a thorough examination of the allegations raised.

Investigation Clears Charleston Co. School Superintendent

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