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Charleston Hosts National Outdoor Sculpture Competition

Outdoor sculpture competition showcase.

Charleston Hosts National Outdoor Sculpture Competition

The city of Charleston recently played host to the much-anticipated National Outdoor Sculpture Competition and Exhibition. The event, a staple in the city’s vibrant arts scene, showcased some of the most stunning and innovative public art from across the country.

Event Overview

Staged annually within the city’s North Charleston Riverfront Park, this prestigious competition celebrates the creative efforts of established and emerging artists, attracting local and international attention. This year was no exception, with a diverse range of sculptures on display, demonstrating excellent craftsmanship and unique design.

Competitive Edge

The competition is known for fostering a high level of creative expression with its broad entry requirements. Sculptors from all over the country were invited to submit up to four works for consideration; no theme was specified, allowing complete artistic freedom.

Judges and Selection Criteria

A high-profile jury panel of seasoned artists and art critics was responsible for evaluating the submissions. The major selection criterion focused on creativity, originality, skill, attention to detail, and the ability to complement or enhance the existing aesthetic of the North Charleston Riverfront Park.

Winners and Rewards

Several artists were recognized for their outstanding work, with rewards conferred as per various categories. Not only do the accolades increase the reputation of the winning artists, but the monetary prizes also provide much-needed support for their craft.

The Impact on the Community

The National Outdoor Sculpture Competition and Exhibition benefits the community in multiple ways. The sculptures, which remain in the park for a year, enhance the area’s visual appeal, attracting locals and tourists alike. They also stimulate community engagement and foster a love for public art.

Health and Safety Measures

The event organisers of the National Outdoor Sculpture Competition took all necessary precautions to ensure the health and safety of participants, visitors and staff during the event. This included following local COVID-19 guidelines and restrictions such as social distancing measures and mask mandates.

This cautious approach enabled the successful and safe execution of the exhibition, allowing Charleston locals and visitors to fully appreciate the intricate and breathtaking sculptures made by artists from all over the country.

A Note on Supporting Local Artists

In recognition of the difficulties the art sector has faced throughout the pandemic, the city council of Charleston encouraged residents to support local artists. This commitment to bolster the local art scene manifested in the form of artist grants and highlighted the city’s support for its creative community during these challenging times.


The National Outdoor Sculpture Competition and Exhibition in Charleston was a clear testament to the city’s vibrant and thriving arts community. The event was a major success and continues to highlight the importance of public art in enriching local surroundings. The exhibited artworks remain an essential part of Charleston’s landscape, contributing to its cultural and aesthetic identity.

Charleston Hosts National Outdoor Sculpture Competition

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