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Charleston Firefighters Tackle Trash Chute Fire at Apartment Complex

Firefighters extinguishing trash chute.

Charleston Firefighters Tackle Trash Chute Fire at Apartment Complex

Firefighters from the Charleston Fire Department responded to a fire at a local apartment complex on Saturday afternoon. The fire reportedly broke out in the complex’s trash chute area, prompting an upgrade of the call to a structure fire and necessitating the assistance of additional resources.

Automatic Alarm Triggers Response

The callout to the fire department resulted from an automatic fire alarm at the Element Apartments, situated at 287 Huger St. in Charleston. The alarm rang around 2 p.m., Chief Fire Marshal Mike Julazadeh has confirmed. Upon their arrival, firefighters were informed that the source of the fire was the trash chute area within the building.

Sprinkler System Limits Fire Spread

The apartment complex’s automatic sprinkler system proved crucial in containing the fire. The system effectively limited the spread of the fire within the trash chute area. Following the successful containment by the sprinkler system, firefighters then completed the task of extinguishing the flames.

Smoke Ventilation and Fire Investigation

With the fire suppressed, fire department crews remained at the scene to carry out ventilation procedures, clearing the building of residual smoke. Although the flames had been extinguished, the area was still filled with smoke, necessitating this ventilation operation to ensure the safety of the building’s occupants.

The cause of the fire is currently under investigation. The Charleston Fire Department has dedicated resources to assist in determining exactly what led to the fire starting, focusing particularly on the trash chute area where the fire originated. Their investigation continues under the guidance and supervision of Chief Fire Marshal Mike Julazadeh.

No Injuries Reported

Officials from the Charleston Fire Department confirm that no injuries were reported in connection with this incident. The swift intervention by the fire department, in conjunction with the effective fire suppression measures in place at the Element Apartments, helped ensure the safety of residents and limited the amount of damage caused by the fire.

Tribute to Charleston Fire Department

The ability of the Charleston Fire Department to respond rapidly and effectively to the incident highlights the paramount importance of the city’s firefighting resources. Their quick action and dedication to community safety once again demonstrated the critical role they play in protecting residents and properties in Charleston.

Charleston Firefighters Tackle Trash Chute Fire at Apartment Complex

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