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Former Charleston Firefighter Faces Charges in Firearm Incident

Firefighter in handcuffs.

Former Charleston Firefighter Faces Charges in Firearm Incident

In Charleston, South Carolina, a former city firefighter is facing serious charges related to an alarming gun incident. The accused, Michael Fedele, 31, has been charged with pointing and presenting a firearm at an individual who was reportedly trying to serve him with a civil process, according to local law enforcement officials.

Attempt to Serve Civil Process Leads to Gun Incident

Sources report that the victims were aiming to serve Fedele with papers from his Homeowners’ Association at his residence on Dorothy Drive. One of the victims claimed to have attempted to serve Fedele, but he reportedly denied his identity.
When one of the victims attempted to leave the documents at Fedele’s front door, he is accused of pointing a firearm at her through the window of his home.

Arrest and Investigation

Upon their arrival, local law enforcement officers claim that Fedele once again tried to deny his identity. They decided to detain him after he allegedly attempted to re-enter his home as the officers approached. Following a search of Fedele’s residence, a black pistol was located and confiscated upstairs, according to police reports.

Fedele’s Status as a Firefighter

A city spokesperson for Charleston, Deja Knight, confirmed Fedele’s employment status as a full-time firefighter who had been on light duty. However, in the wake of these allegations, Fedele is no longer employed by the city.

Legal Proceedings

Jail records indicate that Fedele has since been released, after his bond was posted at $10,000. The legal proceedings against him are ongoing, with charges of pointing and presenting a firearm pending.

Impact on the Community

This incident has undoubtedly sent ripples throughout the community, especially given Fedele’s former position as a city firefighter. It stands as a stark reminder of the importance of public servants maintaining the highest standards of conduct, even off-duty. Further updates on the case will be provided as they become available.

Former Charleston Firefighter Faces Charges in Firearm Incident

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