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Charleston County Teenager Goes Missing

Search party in forest.

Charleston County Teenager Goes Missing

Amidst growing worry in the community, the Charleston County Sheriff’s Office has issued a public notice in search of Tyshawn Gerald, a teenager reported missing since Saturday. The boy, only 16 years old, was last seen at his residence on Falcon Road in North Charleston, South Carolina. The focus now is on a man known as “Rashaud”, who Tyshawn allegedly accompanied to the mall.

Overview of Tyshawn Gerald’s Disappearance

According to the sheriff’s office, Tyshawn was last spotted leaving his home riding a black bicycle. He was reportedly joined by a man referred to only as “Rashaud”, heading towards the mall. Described as a responsible minor, Tyshawn has no previous records of running away or any documented mental or physical health conditions. However, he lacks an active phone which complicates the process of tracing him.

Details on Tyshawn Gerald’s Appearance

The day he went missing, Tyshawn was seen wearing an all-black outfit consisting of black pants and a black jacket. His detailed description including height, weight, and the color of eyes and hair is yet to be provided by the authorities.

Call for Public Assistance

The Charleston County Sheriff’s Office is urging the community to be vigilant and to report any potential sightings or information associated with Tyshawn’s case. Understandably, the teen’s disappearance caused enormous distress within his family and community.

Contact Details for Information

Any individual with information regarding Tyshawn Gerald’s whereabouts or who has seen the missing teenager is encouraged to contact the Charleston County Sheriff’s Office at 843-202-1700 or the Charleston County Consolidated Dispatch at 843-743-7200. The authorities have reassured that any details provided will be treated with utmost confidentiality and might be instrumental in the safe return of the teenager.

Community Hopes for Safe Return

This sudden news has rocked the community, with everyone holding onto the hope that Tyshawn Gerald is safe and will be found soon. The concerted effort of the public and law enforcement is expected to expedite the search process, bringing the missing teenager back home.


The resounding message from the Charleston County Sheriff’s Office, is for residents to remain alert, aiding the recovery of the missing teenager. It underlines the significance of community partnership in times of crisis, showcasing the communal spirit that characterises North Charleston.

Charleston County Teenager Goes Missing

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