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Charleston County Launches Interim Road Project to Ease Highway 41 and US-17 Traffic

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Charleston County Embarks on Interim Road Project to Alleviate Traffic on Highway 41 and US-17

Charleston County, in a significant move to mitigate traffic, has started an interim corridor improvement project focusing on the junction of Highway 41 and US-17, along with Joe Rouse Road on the farther north of US-17. The project, which began on Monday, involves placing roadwork signage across the pertinent area as an introductory step toward alleviating congestion at two highly trafficked intersections in Mount Pleasant.

The Charleston County venture is an interim solution aimed at reducing traffic and easing congestion, which has been a persistent issue in the area. A generous grant of $1.2 million has been given to the county. This project is a collaborative effort between Charleston County, the Town of Mount Pleasant, and the South Carolina Department of Transportation.

Project Goals

Beyond decreasing congestion, the project seeks to improve pedestrian safety at these intersections. The county aims to make these traffic-heavy junctions more pedestrian-friendly, thereby enhancing overall road safety.

The teams plan to start their work at the intersection of US-17 and 41. Included in the plan is the introduction of a detour for southbound vehicles on 41, which will be rerouted right while traveling down US-17.

According to Cal Oyer, a Transportation Project Manager for Charleston County Public Works, the existing slip lane that enables this turn will be modified, with details regarding this change due to be released shortly. The rerouting will direct drivers to turn right onto Old Highway 41, which leads back to a variety of businesses and eateries.

Timeline and Communication

Oyer estimates that the detour will be implemented within the next two weeks but assures drivers that information about this change will be communicated well in advance. The project is slated to be completed by November this year, promising a signficantly improved traffic system before year-end.

Comprehensive details about the interim project can be accessed for public review, ensuring full transparency and openness of this much-needed traffic relief initiative.

The authorities are hopeful that these necessary adjustments, part of a targeted effort to streamline commuting and make road use safer, will be greeted with understanding and cooperation from the public. Commitment from the community will be key in ensuring the timely completion and ultimate success of this project.

Charleston County Launches Interim Road Project to Ease Highway 41 and US-17 Traffic

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