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College of Charleston Party School Raises Safety Concerns

Wild college party scene

College of Charleston Party School Raises Safety Concerns

Concerns over Safety at College of Charleston

CHARLESTON, SC – Recent reports and a lawsuit have shed light on the dangers faced by students at the College of Charleston due to its party culture. The school, known for its vibrant social scene, is now facing scrutiny over the safety of its students.

Alarming Allegations

The book “Among the Bros” and a lawsuit filed against the college highlight disturbing incidents of drug use, forced binge drinking, and hazing within the school’s fraternities. The book details a former student’s involvement in drug trafficking and paints a picture of a culture rife with dangerous behaviors.

The lawsuit, brought by a former student and his family, describes a harrowing experience of hazing that led to physical and emotional trauma. The student, who was forced to engage in excessive drinking and drug use, ultimately had to withdraw from school.

Rape Statistics

Additionally, the College of Charleston’s own data on campus crime reveals a concerning number of reported rapes. Over a three-year period, 25 rapes were reported on campus, with the majority occurring in dormitories. This alarming statistic raises questions about the safety and security measures in place at the college.

Administrative Response

In response to these allegations, the College of Charleston has stated that it does not condone illegal activities or hazing. The college has taken measures to address the issues raised in the lawsuit and has placed a fraternity on social probation.

While the college maintains that it takes the safety of its students seriously, the recent developments have raised concerns among parents and the wider community about the school’s reputation and the well-being of its students.


As the College of Charleston grapples with these challenges, it remains to be seen how the school will address the issues of safety and accountability within its campus community. The spotlight on the school’s party culture serves as a sobering reminder of the importance of prioritizing the well-being of students above all else.

College of Charleston Party School Raises Safety Concerns

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