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Charleston Airport Breaks Traffic Record for Independence Day Holiday

Airport holiday traffic jam.

Charleston Airport Sets New Traffic Record over Independence Day Holiday

Charleston International Airport set a new record for passenger traffic during the Independence Day holiday period. The airport experienced a 12% increase in traveler numbers as they passed through the security checkpoints compared to the previous year.

An impressive 116,350 travelers were screened by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) between June 27 and the July 4th holiday. This increase of more than 12,000 travelers contrasts the 104,278 who travelled during the same time frame in 2023.

Praise from Authority

Executive Director and CEO of Charleston International Airport, Elliott Summey, commended the achievement and attributed it to the efforts of the dedicated airport staff, airline partners, and supportive local businesses that contribute to the airport’s operations. Summey said, “This milestone reflects our community’s spirit and resilience, underscoring our commitment to providing exceptional service and ensuring smooth journeys for all passengers.”

He also highlighted the attractiveness of the Charleston area itself. “Our efforts to recruit new airlines with more direct flights to more cities allow locals to visit other cities and, more importantly, it brings new visitors to our region,” Summey added.

National Records

The Transport Security Administration (TSA) recorded an unprecedented surge in traffic nationwide. On Sunday, the TSA screened over 3 million travelers at airports across the United States, the highest number ever recorded for a single day.

Charleston’s Traffic Record in Numbers

Travel Day Passenger Count Percent Difference Over 2023
June 27 10,115 3%
June 28 11,807 11%
June 29 10,832 2%
June 30 12,131 25%
July 1 11,820 77%

The data reveals that although passenger traffic increased across days leading up to Independence Day, the most significant jump in passenger numbers took place on July 1.

As Charleston International Airport continues to excel, the local community and businesses anticipate more growth and prosperity. Meanwhile, travelers can look forward to improved air travel experience as the airport and its surrounding areas thrive.


Data for this article was obtained from the Charleston International Airport reports and TSA records, and it has been published by HERE News Network.

Charleston Airport Breaks Traffic Record for Independence Day Holiday

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