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Astronomy in the Park Returns to Charleston This May

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Astronomy in the Park Returns to Charleston This May

Every Wednesday, starting May 15, Charleston opens its arms to stargazers, space enthusiasts, and curious minds. Astronomy in the Park, a popular community event, will be held at one of the city’s most favored locales providing attendees with an extraordinary opportunity to look into the universe.

A Glimpse into the Heavens

At these weekly gathering, community members have the chance to gaze at the cosmos using high-powered telescopes and guidance from experienced astronomers. Attendees have the chance to admire star clusters, distant galaxies, and breathtaking nebulae. Whether you’re a seasoned astronomer or a novice celestial watcher, Astronomy in the Park is the perfect opportunity to learn more about our universe and our framework within it.

Weekly Programming:


There is an array of presentations offered during each event. Topics range from ‘The Composition of the Milky Way,’ ‘Astrophotography Basics,’ to ‘Understanding Black Holes.’ These presentations are designed to be accessible and engaging, appealing to astronomy enthusiasts of all ages and experience levels.

Astronomy Workshops

Each Wednesday event will also feature an educational workshop aimed at introducing participants to the various aspects of astronomy and celestial observation. The workshops will include introductions to telescope operation, astrophotography skills, star chart reading, and even space weather predictions.

Star Gazing Sessions

Guided by experienced astronomers, attendees will utilize high-powered telescopes to observe celestial bodies like Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn, along with deep space entities like galaxies and nebulae. Astro-photography enthusiasts are encouraged to bring their equipment to capture breathtaking images of the night sky.

Safe for the Whole Family

COVID-19 safety measures will be implemented to ensure the health and well-being of all attendees. Masks will be required, hand sanitizing stations will be available, and social distancing protocols will be put in place during presentations and stargazing sessions.

A Unifying Event in Alarming Times

Amid the anxious times we live in, Astronomy in the Park presents a unifying experience that allows us to marvel at the vast beauty of our universe and to learn about the cosmos that surrounds us. The inclusive and educational nature of the event aims to serve as a reminder of Charleston’s rich culture and the unyielding spirit of its communities.

Let’s Reach for the Stars Together

Starting May 15, Charleston’s Astronomy in the Park event will run every Wednesday evening throughout the season, inviting locals and visitors alike to join together under the stars. Whether you are an astronomy enthusiast or simply curious, this interactive event offers something for everyone, enhancing our connection with the universe and each other.

The event marks another stride made by the city of Charleston in fostering a community of shared learning, unity and discovery amid the sprawling cosmos we find ourselves in.

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Astronomy in the Park Returns to Charleston This May

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