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62-Year-Old Arrested for Deadly Hit-and-Run in Ladson, South Carolina

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Sixty-two Year-old Arrested for Deadly Hit-and-Run in Ladson, South Carolina

A 62-year-old suspect, identified as Russell Grant Draper Jr., has been arrested and charged for his alleged involvement in a fatal hit-and-run accident that transpired on May 10 on Ladson Road at Oakmont Avenue in Ladson, South Carolina. The South Carolina Highway Patrol had been intensively investigating this collision which occurred around 8:41 p.m., that fateful evening.

The Victim

The Dorchester County Coroner’s Office identified the victim as 37-year-old Ladson resident, Christopher Ashley. He was reportedly hit by two vehicles consecutively, with both drivers allegedly fleeing the scene, leading to his untimely death. After a thorough investigation, the South Carolina Highway Patrol confirmed the victim’s identity.

Another Suspect Arrested

Prior to Draper Jr.’s arrest, another suspect, 43-year-old Jeannie Polite, had been apprehended and charged with a similar offense of hit-and-run involving death in relation to the same incident. She had faced trial and a judge had set her bond at $150,000.

The Arrest

On Friday, the South Carolina Highway Patrol managed to apprehend Draper Jr., charging him with hit-and-run involving death. He was booked at the Dorchester County Detention Center, with a bond hearing still pending. Although a significant development in the case, it remains under active investigation by the South Carolina Highway Patrol.

Investigation Continues

The arrest of Russell Grant Draper Jr. does not conclude the ongoing investigation. The South Carolina Highway Patrol continues to investigate the fatal hit-and-run incident that has shocked the local community, indicating that further information about the circumstances leading up to the tragic event is still being pursued.

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62-Year-Old Arrested for Deadly Hit-and-Run in Ladson, South Carolina

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